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Examples Of Health Risks to Fire Fighters

Firefighting is a profession whereby the fighters have dedicated their lives to saving people in time of need such as accidents. They are at risk of suffering from different conditions due to their job.

The dangerous nature of the job can cause them to face serious PTSD. Mental health awareness is very important for people in this line of work. Fighters are usually challenged mentally many at times enduring the Line of Duty their mental state can be affected a lot. Firefighters usually face a lot of pressure that comes with the job because of its demanding nature. With stress your body is prone to many illnesses because your mental health directly links to your physical health. Apart from the demanding nature of the job firefighters tend to experience intergroup conflict or viral conflicts. If a firefighter is under so much stress and they don’t take Immediate Action they might sink into depression. Depression usually has so many effects and so many people who suffer from this condition they tend to be suicidal therefore it is important for a fighter to know how to work on your stress level at all times.

The number of firefighters who suffer from heart attacks in just one here is overwhelming, and the most scary thing is that they are dying because of this condition. It is really depressing when you check how many firefighters have died from Heart Attack, research shows that almost 45% of the deaths of Fighters are caused by this condition. One of the reasons as to why firefighters suffer from heart attack is because they are constantly finding themselves in situations whereby they are exposed to high level of dangerous carbon monoxide. If you are a firefighter and engage in the smoking habit you should stand a higher risk of suffering from the health problem. Others who are at a higher risk of suffering from Heart Attack are overweight firefighters who lack physical fitness.

Chronic respiratory diseases is one of the firefighter cancer statistics most challenging type of lung illness. If you do a little bit of research you find that firefighters are at a very high risk of suffering from respiratory diseases, and this is usually caused by them inhaling carbon monoxide while they are on duty. Even in a situation where a fire does not contain toxic substances is can still affect our firefighter’s health.

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